30th Annual Southwest Challenge Series
Rules for the 2020 Season

RULES for the 2020 Season - Points calculation

The 2020 Southwest Challenge Series links up the premier Duathlons and Triathlons in southern New Mexico and West Texas. Point standings are kept for each race based on finish by category with champions being crowned at the end of the season.
Anyone can participate. There is no cost for inclusion in the series. Entrance into any of the Southwest Challenge Series events will automatically make one eligible, and everyone is invited to enter all of these outstanding races.
Points will be accumulated from your best (8) eight finishes; there is no required minimum of races to be considered for year end awards. Ten points will be awarded for each race completed, up to eight races; an additional 2.5 points awarded for each completed race over eight. 

Top 10 winners in each division will also be awarded an additional 10 pts, runner's up 9 pts, 8 points for third, etc. with exception of the Milkman Triathlon having a 1.25 multiplier award bonus, i.e. 10 points  x 1.25= 12.5 points. 

The SWCS scoring formula is:
10pts (race completion) + 10pts (division winner) = 20pts awarded

Your age for ALL series events is your December 31, 2020 age. Please assist our points keeper by entering the proper age group in each event. Points will be tabulated by computer and awards given to the top three finishers in each category.
Age Group Categories
19- Under
20- 24 years of age
25-29 years of age
30-34 years of age
35-39 years of age
40-44 years of age
45-49 years of age
50-54 years of age
55-59 years of age
60-64 years of age
65-69 years of age
70 and over
Athena (OVER 165 lbs)
Clydesdale (OVER 220 lbs)
39 and under
40 and over